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Hospitals in Shanghai for SARS Treatment

SARS Important Advise:

When you or the people you know may be affected, please call any of the hospital below for further help. The hospitals have been instructed by the government to offer any help necessary.

  1. Shanghai Lung Specialist Hospital (designated for SARS treatment for foreigners by Shanghai government)
    Phone: (021) 6511 5006
    24-hour hotline:  (021) 5228 5500
    Address: No. 507 Zheng Min Road, Shanghai.
  2. Hua Shan Hospital, Fu Dan University
    Foreign service: (021) 6248 9999 - 2600
    Address: 16/F, Comprehensive Building,
    No.12, Urumuqi Road, Shanghai
  3. Zhong Shan Hospital, Fu Dan University
    Foreign service: (021) 6404 1990 - 2718
    Address: 1/F, No.3 Building, Zhong Shan Hospital,
    No. 180, Feng Ling Road, Shanghai.
  4. Hua Dong (Eastern China) Hospital
    Foreign Service: (021) 6248 3180 - 30106
    Address: 2/F, North Building, Hua Dong Hospital
    No.221, Yan An Road West, Shanghai
  5. Shanghai Children's Medical Center (designated for SARS treatment by Shanghai Government)
    Phone:  (021) 5873 2020
    Address: No.1678, Dong Fang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.
  6. WorldLink Medical Center
    Phone: (021) 6279 7688
    Room 203, West Wing, Shanghai Center
    No.1376, Nan Jing Road West, Shanghai.