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What is IBAS?

Established in July 2002, the Indonesian Business Association of Shanghai is an independent organization dedicated to bridging cultural and business gaps between the countries of Indonesia and China. Its programs are especially directed toward those with business interests, but also address social, economic, education and cultural matters. The organization's goals are to promote and support economic relations between the China and Indonesia, to provide economic and business insights, to facilitate communication and networking between businesses of the two countries.

As of January 2003, Mari Pangestu and IBAS as the administrative office, have been formally appointed by ICBC (Indonesia-China Business Council), Jakarta to assist in representing ICBC in China. Given the similarity in objectives and mission, there should be synergy between ICBC and IBAS.  ICBC was set up in June 2002 by members of the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce-China Committee (KADIN Komite China - KIKC) to stimulate government and commercial interactions between Indonesia and China.

Who's Behind IBAS?


Honorary Chairman

Mochtar Riady
Chairman Frankle Widjaja
Advisers Ali Alatas Ph. D.
Anwar Djohansyah
Frila Yaman
Mari Pangestu Ph. D.
Miranda Goeltom Ph. D.

Board of Directors
President Adi Harsono
Vice President Sanusi Sutikno
Head of Program Andre Muliadi
Treasurer Mahari Tjahjadi Ph. D.
Hamina Ali
Public Relations Elly Tanadi
Anita Firdaus
Editor Nancy Pangestu
Charles Wiriawan
Secretary Honisary Widjadi (Shanghai)
Johanna Xie (Jakarta)
Members Kris Sigit
John Nurimba